review: What Lies Within by: James Morris

What Lies Within by: James Morris

BLURB (gr):You’re going to die” –  Shelley Marano is an ordinary, unexceptional high school senior…until the day she receives a cryptic text message, and her world tilts sideways. Now she’s in real danger, although she doesn’t know who would want her dead, or why. As she starts to unravel the mystery, the truth about who she really is proves to be more frightening than she ever imagined. With the lives of her and her friends hanging in the balance, one thing is certain:  Nothing will ever be the same.

REVIEW: This ebook was really nice and I really wish I put effort into reading it.  I feel like I could’ve read this in 2 or 3 sittings but since it was an ebook, I never found time to read it.  I marked it as “currently reading” sometime in early August but I actually started reading it mid-September.  I was reading it on my iPod since I have the kindle app on there; I would read it on the bus to school (40 minute ride).  However, after like 5 days (just reading on the bus), I would talk with the people on there and now we’re like friends but the thing is, is that I would talk with them and not have a chance to read.  I stopped reading the book.  I started again on October 30 and finally finished it November 2.  So it technically took me 9 days to read it, not 3 months.  Anyway, now that I’ve got that covered, time for a real review.  This book was really nice and I love the plot.  This is a very original book that didn’t seem like it was based off any book; James’ ideas were his own.  If there was one thing I didn’t like about it was that the idea of kids doing things police should do made it seem more fantasy.  And this wasn’t a fantasy book.  I just don’t like it when teenagers decide to go and chance down killers.  I guess you can call it a book pet peeve.  But I did like the whole science behind it, which made it very interesting and fun.  I think the “romance” between the two friends was a bit clique.  Like the “You call us best friends but I call us more than that” clique.  However, the overall story was really interesting and I did enjoy it.  


Age Recommendation: 13 and up

Rating Breakdown:

  • Cover: 5/10 – worth 0 points
  • Originality of Plot: 9.5/10 – worth 20 points
  • Climax(es): 9/10 –  worth 20 points
  • Characters: 7.5/10  – worth 20 points
  • My Opinion: 8/10  – worth 40 points
  • Overall:  8.75/10  – in between Pretty good and Amazing!- closer to Amazing!

Genres and Categories:  2015 release, cover color red, fiction, high school, mystery, young adult

Rating (if made into  movie) :  PG- mild violence

Pages: 226

Originally Published: June 2nd 2015 by Kindle Press

How I obtained book: James Morris contacted me and asked for a honest review in exchange for an ebook version of this book.

Awards: none yet

When I read book: September 12-16 and October 30-November 2

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